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I began my martial arts journey when I was a small child and over the years I have been amazed by the remarkable impact that martial arts can have a person’s life. Like many who are involved in martial arts, it was always a dream of mine to one day own my own school.

I wanted to create an enjoyable environment for students to improve their mental and physical well-being, learn new skills whilst also building upon essential life-skills that the student can carry into their everyday lives and become Happier, healthier, More Humble.

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Some martial arts clubs only tell you what they do. Synergy Martial Arts is different – we are a school. We want to let you know who we are and what we stand for, so that, you can make the best decision that’s right for you and your family. 

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Synergy Mission About Us


Is to change lives – making our members happier, healthier, more humble through inspiration, dedication and achievement.


We are committed to SELF – MASTERY
            We are a FAMILY
                   We have FUN
                                   We EVOLVE
                 We EMPOWER; INSPIRE RESULTS
  We take on CHALLENGES together
 We are a living LEGACY

               We positively IMPACT communities
                             We CHANGE lives



To have 1’000 active members by the end of 2027.


It did not take me long to realise what I wanted to do. I remember it like it was only yesterday and in some respects, it was.

When I was a small child about the age of 6 or 7, I went on holiday to Spain with my parents; we loved Spain, lots of sun and lots of things to do. On this particular day the sun was blazing hot and we decided to go to the beach. As we made our way down the path towards the ever popular golden sands we passed the numerous shops and bars.

As I excitedly ‘lead’ my mum and dad towards the sand where I could build my castles, in one of the bars I spotted a large tv screen showing what I would later know to be one of the most iconic moments in martial arts film history – it was Bruce Lee in ‘Enter the Dragon’ and the scene was the legendary part of the film where he fights many security guards after setting off an alarm; upgrading the weapons he uses as he goes until he finally shows off his skills with the nunchucks – the two small sticks connected by a length of chain in the middle

I watched intently, I was astonished, I was mesmerised – I was hooked!

What got me was not only the amazing tools he used but the incredible ability he possessed with his hands and feet. Right there and then I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to do ‘that’… whatever ‘that’ was.

Synergy 130538283_294984945224822_2923342431790733575_n-1 About Us

Back then, no one really knew of all the numerous martial arts, I just wanted to be able to use my arms and legs like Bruce. My parents were amazing, when we got back home they asked around and found a club – I attended the next session and enjoyed it but soon realised that it was more throwing people around and not what I had imagined, even then, at that age, I knew it wasn’t for me – it didn’t meet my needs. My mum was then pointed in the direction of another club, this time she asked ‘do they kick and punch?’ She was assured they did and so she arranged a visit.

Upon arriving at the club I could see all these people in white suits – punching, kicking, jumping…this was more like it. I was introduced to the instructor who greeted me with an awesome smile, very friendly, warm and welcoming. That instructor was then the wonderful Mr Isaac Harry, who is now Grand Master Harry and who is still my instructor today.

That was well over 30 years ago, since then I have gained national and international success and helped fellow students also achieve their goals. So why do I say in many ways I started yesterday? Well, what I didn’t know then but soon learned, is that for many of us who start on this journey, martial arts is not only something to do – it’s a way of life, for life! What you experience in martial arts runs parallel to what you experience in life. The two become intrinsically linked. And so in many ways I have not been training very long at all. In fact, compared to some, I started only yesterday.

I honestly believe learning martial arts can be the greatest gift you could ever give to others or yourself – it is truly an incredible journey – I look forward to helping you start yours today.

Synergy 170771913_481616109550606_313752540564135484_n About Us

Synergy Martial Arts has received the Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts award.

The Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts has been created to give parents and carers peace of mind when searching for martial arts clubs suitable for children or adults in their care. For more information about our Safeguarding Policy click here

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We focus on the personal development aspect of martial arts, not just self-defence moves.

Our instructors are certified black belts who are qualified & professionally trained to teach martial arts. In addition they continue to learn and study, bringing you world class martial arts tuition.

Our approach is to help you become happier, healthier & more humble through inspiration, dedication & achievement. We focus on your growth, your goals & your success!


To train in the highest quality martial arts programmes available

To focus on students becoming happier, healthier, more humble in a fun and welcoming environment

To offer exceptional value for money programmes that are accessible and enjoyable for the whole family from ages 2 years upward

What is the Synergy Martial Arts curriculum?

Taekwon-Do is the style of Martial Arts practiced by Synergy students, following a curriculum that has been developed from over 30 years training and teaching experience. The journey from White Belt to Black Belt is one of incremental learning and skill development, that students of any age and fitness level can embark upon. From the youngest student our curriculum focuses on essential life skills, character development and martial arts skills.


One of the most fun parts of martial arts training is the opportunity to test your skills either through formal gradings or by competing in a tournament. Tournaments are not only fun for competitors, but they provide a great social experience for parents as well! From sparring to patterns, destruction to demos, these awesome competitions are not only a place where our students can test their skills, but also a place where team spirit is built, fears are overcome, and character is developed. Most importantly, they are tons of fun! One more reason you will love training at Synergy Martial Arts!


Sophie Scott

Brilliant, my little one does the toddler classes and I can honestly say it’s been so beneficial for him!! He’s learned so, so much, it’s an amazing class and so good for toddlers!

Melanie Sharratt

great for the beginner as well as those with some former experience friendly helpful tutor with something for everyone.

Chloe Ellen Ward

Absolutely fantastic experience- me and a friend joined the ladies only 4 week course…loved every second of it! Marcus and Richard are absolutely brilliant- not only did we learn a lot but we had a laugh at the same time. 10/10 would recommend

Beth Holmes

Myself and my friend signed up for the 4 week trail…We were also very lucky to receive free gloves for being in the first 10 to sign up as well as videos and meal plans! We have both thoroughly enjoyed every minute of each session, Marcus and Richard are both great! Would highly recommend Synergy Martial Arts!

James Horobi

Top class instructors. Great family environment. 5*

John McCurdy

Thanks Marcus! Eliza really enjoys it and the benefits of her doing some exercise are very visible, especially during this lockdown period!

Sarah Shergold

Great Atmosphere! Marcus is really friendly and trustworthy instructor, he explains all the exercises in a simple way and provides different levels of exercise to suit all! Been going 3 weeks now and really enjoying it!

Laura Shillingford

The ladies bootcamp is brilliant, also a brilliant instructor Marcus Gelder. The atmosphere is great whilst your working out, also met friends on the way Xx

Sarah Meakin

The ladies four week boot camp was fantastic so much so that both myself and my daughter want to get into it more so have signed up and are fully committed to learning more…


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