Kids with motor difficulties learn coordination and build essential core strength at a level that suits their individual needs and capabilities.

Through martial arts kids get to understand their bodies; how they move, how they react to challenges along with their mental and physical capabilities in a safe, welcoming and encouraging environment.

We are all about ensuring that EVERY student becomes happier, healthier and more humble.

When a child has specific needs, they can be challenged with certain things that other kids might find easy. At Synergy, they learn in a structured environment that emphasizes self-respect.

All children need exercise but sometimes it can be hard for some kids to keep up on the playing field.

Martial arts instruction focuses on competing with yourself and your own goals within an inclusive environment – something that allows kids with specific needs to excel on their own terms.

Through our martial arts program kids find out quickly that each movement must be deliberate. Students learn to control their movements, developing balance, coordination and control to the best of their ability.

As they develop their coordination skills and learn about their bodies abilities they’ll be less likely to be unintentionally destructive