Today’s world is full of things that make us inactive. Our jobs, our methods of transport, even our leisure activities. Most of our activities promote sitting or being stationary for long periods of time. With the increasing advancement of technology we often spend a surprising proportion of our time just staring at screens. To be healthy requires us to be physically active and mentally engaged.

There are a LOAD of health benefits our Synergy Ladies Program has to offer…

Stress relief
Full body workout
Increased flexibility
Muscle toning
Mental focus
Increased heart rate
Improved balance
Improved coordination
It’s FUN!
Come and see what Synergy Martial Arts has to offer.


It’s true – we all reach points in our lives when we’re stuck – we lose focus, we feel we’re running around but not getting anywhere. Life can become mundane and we begin to lose confidence in our ability to  take on new challenges.

At Synergy, we are committed to seeing YOU become HAPPIER, HEALTHIER, MORE HUMBLE and that includes boosting your confidence in your abilities and self-worth. Having a more positive perspective on life and how we deal with challenges is a big step forward when it comes to self-improvement.


If you have ever felt threatened or fearful that you were about to be attacked, you’ll know how terrifying that can be. We want to help you be in a better position both physically and mentally to deal with those kinds of situations. There’s no better feeling than possessing a skill that can protect you, or a loved one from danger.

Taking you step by step we will lead and guide you from performing moves against an imaginary opponent, to pad and target work, to working with a partner and even progressing to direct sparring with others once your skills and confidence are at the required levels. We will teach you techniques that you can use to defend yourself.


No matter who you are, our Synergy family will welcome you with open arms. We love to see new ladies trying out the classes, gaining skills and growing in confidence. Everyone appreciates and respects each other because we all know the challenges of starting martial arts. Growth is a process and everyone supports each other.

PLUS, our classes are packed full of FUN activities so that ‘becoming healthier’ feels effortless.

You’re sure to meet plenty of friendly people who are all working towards a their goals. Come and join us in one of our upcoming classes, we know it can be a challenge doing something on your own so we encourage you to bring a friend along. You’ll have a great laugh and we promise you’ll feel like one of the family.