We get it – it can be tough. You have to balance their natural curiosity and high energy with trying to teach them the basic skills they need for school and life.

Discipline, confidence, sharing, and self-control are all things they need to learn to be successful but it can be hard to get the right balance of structure and creativity whilst also having them engaged in the activity.

At Synergy we aim to see EVERY child become happier, healthier and more humble. We teach the strong values that you teach at home, in a positive, fun and safe environment. Our martial arts curriculum is packed with life-skills, strong ethics and character development. Qualities such as goal setting, perseverance, self-control and the development of a positive mental attitude.

All the qualities that have a positive effect on the physical and mental health and well-being of your child.

Our Tots classes are ideal for your little ones. They not only provide an outlet for their energy but, thanks to our progression pathway, also teaches them about teamwork, coordination, discipline and other core values that will go with them far beyond the training hall. Parents get to see and experience how with a little focus and structure Tots martial arts classes teach children to control their movements and behavior whilst learning essential social skills at the same time. All in a fun and welcoming environment.

Young children who learn martial arts learn quickly that each movement is intentional. They learn to control their movements and actions to the best of their ability.

They develop great hand-eye coordination and learn about their body balance. That means they’ll be less likely to be unintentionally destructive.